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Recent changes to this wiki:

add debconf8 videos
update the introductory text on the webpage
add links to dc7 netconf videos
Update calendar for tomorrow’s meeting.
Adding new calendar entries from meeting.
add tomorrow’s meeting
Add log summaries from the sprints in the past few weeks.
Probably a little late, but logs from the past few days.
add jroes trip to portland
add today’s and saturday’s meeting
updated meeting times
Today’s log.
Adding notes from yesterday’s meeting with martin — completed the todos
we talked about.
Tonight’s log, short extra todo list, brief explanation of
Tonight’s hacking session log.
Adding today’s log.
Meeting log from last hacking session.
add my todo for tomorrow to the calendar
log of today’s meeting
add 26/5 meeting
record today’s meeting
Adding tonight’s log.
Log from the 28th — ipv4,6 static implementation
Yesterday’s log.
Adding logs from tonight and yesterday.
Moved packaging to Saturday and got rid of tomorrow’s meeting.
fixed formatting
Adding logs for the past few days.
more spacing fixes
make tables 100% width
fix spacing
Proposed schedule until mid-july
rename and add netdev thread links
publish log from today’s meeting
Git mishmashing and unit testing
fixing formatting
Fixed a parser bug and implemented static eni methods according to the
ifupdown source.
fixed the formatting; a little better, but for some reason it’s not following the markdown docs for code blocks - 8 spaces
Adding my first log; first day’s events
add dates to meeting log titles
logs from today’ meeting
logs from the meeting
postpone next meeting by a week
fix title
log second meeting
Obfuscating jroes’s e-mail address for anti-spam purposes.
move index to proper place
add index
tag page
tag page
add log infrastructure and log of first meeting
add contact info
make it a proper stylesheet, not alternate
fix calendar stylesheet link
emphasise final date
Merge branch ‘master’ of ssh://
add calendar styling
fix spacing
add a css class to the month tables
fix tabs
fix headers
add gsoc2008 calendar
add fosdem2008 video link
fix params, swap url and feedurl
add jonathan’s feed
add my feed
add a planet to the netconf page
remove gsoc info
replace slides URL with a directly viewable one
move to users
add gsoc2008 info
split out talks and add fosdem2008
remove lca header and add links to talk slides/recording
update text with recent design changes
add note about lca talk
licence name correction
add logo copyright
more text onto the homepage
larger logo
note about disabling commit messages
add link to TODO list
remove status report link
add alioth project page pointer
ignore vim swap files
use bitmap for logo
use html for logo image